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I’ve created myself - Dennis Deep - 2018 out of financial needs but in the end I’m quite happy that sex work has given me an opportunity to be properly paid for acting.
Impersonating a character - a persona - gives me a lot of joy. I’d love to act more … but this pandemic isn’t making it easy.

Sex work is to a huge part personification of clients’ fantasies. Taking on a role for a session. It may involve some “proper” role play - so it becomes even to some degree a role in a role. But even without role play, it still involves turning myself into some character for whatever session. My previous acting experiences helps me a lot in sex work.

When I created Dennis Deep, I had fun creating him also some backstory. Something to tell clients, who my sex work persona is.

Sex work lives by the willingness to believe even if clients “know” we aren’t who we say we are. Similar to reading a fictional book or watching a movie or theatre play. Sex work is taking on the role of the horniest kinkster or the cutest boyfriend. It is (method) acting.

Clients know it is “not real”. But they want to believe it is for the purpose of having fun; for feeling free and alive. Some people argue that this is evil or mean and should be banned. We are “playing” with the feelings of clients. Interestingly it is the very same argument Rousseau wants made against theatres.
Yes, we are playing with the feelings of clients. So well, that they book us again. That is, what fiction is good for. Playing with feelings in a safe environment. If that is evil, than all fiction is evil. All theatres, movies, literature - even art itself - is evil.

Sex work is not inherently evil. It can be good. It is a service to give people a safe environment, to explore and live their desires and fantasies.

I miss creating fiction though. Due to covid as well as my studies (hopefully I graduate in spring), acting won’t be really an option the next months. However not acting doesn’t mean I can’t create stories. It is a passion of mine to create fun, entertaining - steamy stories. Often also with deeper meaning than pure entertainment.

We all have to find ways to live with this pandemic. Going out isn’t much of an option, so I decided to create a Patreon account and publish there one steamy story each week.

Some time in the future I’d love to turn these stories into (short) movies. For now I focus on writing them. Though, maybe I also start a podcast turning these steamy stories into small audio books.

What do you think about it?
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