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What’s the difference between narcissism and pride?

Among queer people, the rate of depression and suicide is significantly higher than among cis- heterosexuals. Even among those with a supportive environment, depression, suicide and drug abuse (to numb their feelings) are significantly higher. We all know there is lurking danger. Every single one of us knows stories about fellow queer people being attacked for who they are.

Most of us grow up in evil environments and develop a hostile relationship with ourselves - with our minds and with our bodies. Overcoming this hostile relationship with ourselves is an act of resistance. Stonewall was a riot.
Every pride is a fight for a place in a cis-heteronormative society.

But there is also another, barely visible fight. The fight for self-acceptance.
Looking into the mirror - loving myself - is a fight for me. If the will to love yourself, the will to accept yourself, is narcissistic, then I am proud to be narcissistic.

Toni Karat made this film. Thanks a lot for having me in it.
It is the opening film to this years Berlin Porn Film Festival. I am very curious to see how it turned out. I am even more curious about how this film will change how we might talk about self-love and self-hate after watching it. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is so important and yet so rare.

Dennis Deep looks into a mirror in a fighting gesture
© Picture: Toni Karat