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As an experiment I want to offer remote access to my chastity cage, buttplug and vibrator in three different packages: Chastity-only, Chastity-Buttplug and Chastity-Buttplug-Vibrator.

1. Chastity-Only Package: for 50€ per day.

I’ll stay locked for you. I’ll send you either privately or publicly (via Twitter mention) a picture or video after waking up, showing I am locked for you and one when going to bed. For hygienic reasons I’ll need to occasionally unlock and clean properly. I’ll send you a video of every time I’m unlocking and locking. Some (acrobatic) dance courses I regularly take aren’t safe in a cage. I will unlock before and lock after again - prove will be recorded every time for you. I will keep the key. But you can ask me up to 4 times per day to prove I am still locked for you. (Have in mind though, that I also have a day job and sometimes can’t answer/record right away. It also does not mean we’re going to chat all day, as I have a busy day job, do lots of sports and have a social life too)

If for whatever reason I will not be able to be locked the day you booked (e.g. mental health reasons), you will be reimbursed fully for that day.
As my chastity owner you have the right to allow or deny me cumming that day. However you cannot order me to cum. If I want to cum I need to ask for your permission first. If you don’t grant it, but I might cum (in the cage) anyway, you have the right to punish me.
The chastity only package will not give you any say in what I might be doing with my ass that day. I might be fucked, use a dildo or plug and you have no say in it. It only would mean if I’m fucked that day and you own my chastity cage, you have the right to allow me to take it off and/or also cum while being fucked.

2. Chastity-Buttplug-Package: for 150€ per day.

All of the Chastity-Only-Package + I will need your approval to remove the plug for other reasons than cleaning and safety/health reasons - with the exception of client dates. If another client is booking me for anal sex, you cannot deny the removal of the plug for that session. However unless you allow me to be unplugged, I have to plug again right after the session. For all non paid anal sex, I need your approval.

3. Chastity-Buttplug-Vibrator-Package: for 250€ per day.

All of the Chastity-Only-Package + all of the Chastity-Buttplug-Package + I will be wearing the Lovense Hush 2 Plug-Vibrator and you will get access to the plug through the Lovense long distance functionality - in the setting, that you can activate it at any given time.
I cannot guarantee a 24/7 connection. Sometimes the bluetooth connection between the vibrator and the phone gets lost and needs to be manually re-instated.
However, whenever you vibrate me, I have to thank you for it. If you activate the vibrator and don’t get a response, it might be, the connection is lost. In that case, please message me through our normal chat app (Whatsapp or Telegram).
If I will end the vibrator package early, you will be downgraded to the Chastity-Buttplug Package and reimbursed the additional charge. This package does not include 24/7 chat. However, it means, you can vibrate me 24/7 (unless removed for health, safety or client reasons). I hope you will use this responsible and also let me sleep at least some. But you have the right to wake me over the vibrator.

I will only have one chastity/buttplug/vibrator owner at a time.

This offer is experimental. Maybe some rules might be added/changed in the future.
Contact me via email to book one of these packages and then we figure out the details.