Dennis Deep

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Session Ideas

A kinky session, a shy “I want to try”, escorting over an evening, spending the night or creating movies - I offer all of it.

Good sex needs trust. That means, the second or third session often will be even hotter than the first. Who knows each other can adapt to each other.

What might a session look like?

Let’s Try

If you are a bit shy, have little or no experience or for whatever reasons have questions, you’re welcome! We may start as slow as you like it. If it is only cuddling and talking, that is very okay. Particularly the gay scene is an easy place for hard sex but often with little affection or care. I offer that with pleasure.

Kinky Session

I like kinky BDSM sessions and role plays. Quite important is to communicate boudaries. I am a switch. spanking, CBT, electro, edging, gagging, blind folding, bindate, breathcontrol … I like all of it in the dominant role as well as the submissive one. Many of these things I offer only in BDSM studios or at least with a third person present. Who wants to test their boundaries or wants to test my boundaries, is very welcome. If you want to be dominant top, I’m happy to teach you what to do, what not to do and where to be very careful. I don’t offer workshops but I can recommend quite a few good workshops and people.

Evening Companion

Who wants to spend more time with me, may book not just an hour but an whole evening. Most people say I am pleasant to talk with. I know how to behave in very different environments. I am happy to escort for an opera visit, a fine restaurant as well as a techno club.


For the very fond people: you may spend the whole night with me. That gives enough time for a nice dinner, kinky or cuddly sex and the club.

I work with appointments on requests. Sometimes spontaneous meetings are also possible but bookings need to be at least two hours in advance.


First hour: 150€
Every following hour: 100€
Overnight (8pm to 9am): 800€
All day (24 hours): 1200€

Expenses for studio, hotel, travels etc. will be added.