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Wholesome Sex Work

I am Dennis Deep, a Berlin based sex worker. What started as a way to finance my studies turned into a job full of passion.

I offer sexual services. Whether it is an intense gang bang, a BDSM session or some cuddly sex. I’m up for dinner dates, overnights or escorting in the classical meaning.

For me, it’s all about intimate connections. I have a talent to make people feel seen and accepted. I provide a discrete, safe environment for clients to explore and enjoy their desires.

I don’t judge neither your fantasies nor your body. Even more: I don’t believe there is a “right way” to have sex.

My favourite clients are the curious ones. If you’re questioning your sexuality, are curious about sex toys or anal sex, let’s have a fun session together.

As an experiment I want to offer remote access to my chastity cage, buttplug and vibrator in three different packages: Chastity-only, Chastity-Buttplug and Chastity-Buttplug-Vibrator.

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What’s the difference between narcissism and pride?

Among queer people, the rate of depression and suicide is significantly higher than among cis- heterosexuals. Even among those with a supportive environment, depression, suicide and drug abuse (to numb their feelings) are significantly higher. We all know there is lurking danger. Every single one of us knows stories about fellow queer people being attacked for who they are.

Most of us grow up in evil environments and develop a hostile relationship with ourselves - with our minds and with our bodies. Overcoming this hostile relationship with ourselves is an act of resistance. Stonewall was a riot.
Every pride is a fight for a place in a cis-heteronormative society.

But there is also another, barely visible fight. The fight for self-acceptance.
Looking into the mirror - loving myself - is a fight for me. If the will to love yourself, the will to accept yourself, is narcissistic, then I am proud to be narcissistic.

Toni Karat made this film. Thanks a lot for having me in it.
It is the opening film to this years Berlin Porn Film Festival. I am very curious to see how it turned out. I am even more curious about how this film will change how we might talk about self-love and self-hate after watching it. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is so important and yet so rare.

Dennis Deep looks into a mirror in a fighting gesture
© Picture: Toni Karat

A lot of jokes have been made about József Szájer. Being a member Fidesz (the proto-fascist party in Hungary) supporting LGBTIQ-hating policies, being caught in a gay gang-bang party in Brussels, trying to escape naked through the window, with drugs in his bag. And violating the covid-restrictions.

There is a loooooong history of feeling suppressing homosexuals, trying to fit into their homosexual-hating environment - and trying to prove their heterosexuality by bullying gays. Or right wing gay politicians publicly supporting anti-gay politics. And for all of them, I’m sorry to some degree. Why?

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I’ve created myself - Dennis Deep - 2018 out of financial needs but in the end I’m quite happy that sex work has given me an opportunity to be properly paid for acting.
Impersonating a character - a persona - gives me a lot of joy. I’d love to act more … but this pandemic isn’t making it easy.

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I deal pleasure for money. And despite the common understanding of my profession I quite like it.
It’s not the job I dreamed about as a child (though I always had lots of sex fantasies).

It is not the job I wish to do for the next 40 years.

Then, why do I work as a sex worker?

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